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07 APRIL 2014
ADEY champions powerful new 'single dose' chemicals 

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions has launched a brand new range of chemicals to deliver stronger, single dose, protection for up to 97% of the UK’s central heating systems. 

In a bold move described by the company as, ‘taking chemicals to the next level to meet the changing needs of the industry’, the Queen’s Award winner is offering installers and boiler manufacturers higher levels of boiler protection. 

The pioneering manufacturer of the UK’s No.1 magnetic filter believes it has developed the most effective central heating system inhibitor and cleaner currently available with the arrival of its new MC1+ and MC3+ chemicals. 

The powerful formulations advance ADEY’s existing MC range. According to company founder and inventor of the MagnaClean filter, Chris Adey, the launch of these latest chemicals represents another important development for the heating sector.

“We’ve spent a decade developing a filter that gives modern installers the best level of protection for their customers’ heating systems. Now, we’re doing the same with our chemicals. Having brought together the best technical expertise from the industry, we’ve created a new range from our own laboratory that we’re equally proud of,” he explained.

“This has been driven by the changing needs of the installer and the wider industry particularly with the escalating trend for longer and longer boiler warranties. It’s perfect for all professional installers and will provide higher levels of protection for the systems they install. Crucially, heating engineers’ customers will also benefit from the best quality protection available,” he added. 

ADEY’s new MC1+ and MC3+ chemicals have undergone stringent testing well in excess of the BuildCert CIAS industry standard. The 500ml formulations go much further than any other products on the market treating 125 litres or systems up to 15 single panel radiators and work in tandem with the company’s MagnaClean filters and MagnaCleanse flushing process.

Technical Director Dr Neil Watson, who joined ADEY last year following more than a decade directing the chemicals team at Fernox, believes the introduction of the new formulas is well timed. He points out that this had been re-enforced by latest industry data suggesting that nearly 100% of the UK’s typical size heating systems would now be effectively protected by just one bottle of MC1+ inhibitor.
“The new stronger concentrate formulation is perfect for modern heating systems and will provide better system protection with a single dose than any other product currently available,” he said.

“By making a chemical that treats 125 litres or up to 15 radiators, installers can be confident they haven’t under dosed the system and there’s no danger of over dosing either. The product also offers a degree of future proofing by compensating for partial drain down if the home owner forgets to top-up with inhibitor after removing a radiator when decorating, for example. This is all part of our best practice approach to system maintenance.”

ADEY’s move to stronger formulation chemicals is re-enforced by the company’s own nationwide survey of more than 1,000 installers, 97% of whom stated that the majority of their work was undertaken on systems up to 15 radiators.

MC1+ Protector is a high performance inhibitor that prevents system corrosion and scale. MC3+ Cleaner is a powerful, rapid performing cleaner designed to remove system sludge, debris and scale. Both products help reduce heating and maintenance bills and are suitable for all heating systems.


ADEY Technical Director Dr Neil Watson...“New formulation perfect for modern systems.”





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